Behindtheblackboard’s licence

Hello everyone!

Here I’m again! We are going to talk about the Creative Commons. During the ICT lesson we were required to create a licence for our blogs which made us to think about sharing and commercializing others’ productions.

At the footage of my blog you can see the license.


The license that I have chosen allows others to share it alike. I decided to choose this option because I believe that knowledge must be public and if helps others, there is no point in hiding my productions. Being educators as we are, sharing knowledge each other is one of the most representative aspect of our tasks, what I mean is that education is not one to one, it is one to all.

Everybody cannot have the chance to have a specialized teacher-training, as we have, which offers you many possibilities to learn, so that someone who is interested in knowing about ICT at CLIL classroom can be beneficiated getting the knowledge and sharing to others. That’s how the whole world is connected.

However, I did not choose the option where others can use my productions for commercial uses because it would seem to be stealing by using other’s ideas to benefit itself.

As I see it, if we introduce the used of license to our students by asking them to create their own, we will be giving value to what they have create so they will feel proud of themselves and motivated to keep on working. In this way, pupils will see that their job has a value as well as other’s productions. In this way, when pupils will have to use Creative Commons they will think twice before using other’s production without being allowed.

See you on the next post!


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