My CLIL board on Pinterest!

Sunday morning is still cold…

Let’s go for a CLIL resources hunt!

We go on a CLIL resources hunt!

We’re going to catch a big one!

What’s a beautiful day!

We’re not scared!


Good morning bilingual teachers!

Here I am to share with you my own CLIL board in Pinterest. Don’t you know what Pinterest is? That’s a nice webtool which can be used to organize information through different boards. Those can be individual (you’re the only one who “pins” or selects the information that can be found in that board) or collaborative (many people participate in its elaboration, if you didn’t see our collaborative bank of common knowledge click here). Moreover, you have the possibility to make it public or private.

As I see it, Pinterest is one of the most useful organizer tools on the net, probably because I’m a visual learner and for me it’s easier to visualize the information in order to organize it. In addition, many people (educators or non-educators) share their knowledge and experiences through this network what makes it more enriching. We all are connected and we can learn from each other!

I must say that I have tried other organizing tools such as Symbaloo Edu but I didn’t find what I was looking for. Although it has nice graphics  I could’t come up with the information as I would like, probably because of my lack of training in this specific tool… But I will try! It’s a challenge for me and I love learning new things everyday!

My CLIL board is called “I want to be CLIL”  Doesn’t it remain you anything? Probably it isn’t the most appropiate name for an educational board but since I see education as freedom and CLIL takes part on this process, education makes us free. Besides, all teachers must keep in mind the children they were in order to empathize with pupils and don’t forget the desire to learn. Have you guessed it? I WANT TO BE FREE…

Here there is the link to my CLIL board on Pinterest:

Have a nice day! Don’t forget to comment any dubt you may have or whatever you need!



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