My edesign evaluation

Hi everyone!

Here I am to present you my evaluation about this eproject. The one I choose is called Across the Music: An approach to Hystory of Music for children; and it was created By Marta @utopicmarta. 

Since I saw the Wix, I was impressed with the appearance of the web, it was love at first sight. There, everything is well structured and clearly organized, just taking a look you can find what you are looking for: the front cover which lets you know where you are; then, there is the introduction, what is it about?; the different pages that pupils have to follow in order to complete the tasks… Absolutely great!


Cover of Across the Music by @utopicmarta

The content that we can find there is perfectly scaffolded; in the introduction you can find a brief presentation of the topic as well as the task that pupils have to complete, what they are required to do. That is also a great opportunity to activate pupil’s previous knowledge what makes them conscious of what they already know and lets them know what they are going to learn about.

Once that pupils are arranged in groups of three, they have to look for information. How to search on the internet can be truly difficult for them, for that reason Marta offers a Powtoon presentation about Safe surfing. They are also provided with help in case they cannot carry out the task in the section “Help”. There is also a list with information for both pupils and teachers in Lisly which will ease the process.

The website is full of multimedia elements which connect the web with other online tools that pupils need to use, so that students start to be used to them. That’s only the beginning!

Besides, pupils can find many motivating elements such as comics and videos which offer an ideal visual support for those who have problems with the language or need a bit more of help.

Another relevant aspect that I like the most, is that pupils have to complete a final task where they will demonstrate what they have learn during the learning process. This is also a challenge for them to “self-evaluate themselves” and to know if they can complete the timeline thanks to the found information.