My Prototype Video Clip


Hello everybody!

I’m so sorry for being late but this time have been crazy… Finally, here I have the prototype of my e-project which is called THE MYSTERIES OF THE EARTH. It is going to be about the Earth, a curricular content where students work on concepts such as the Atmosphere, the Geosphere or the Hydrosphere. If you have a look at my document on Google Drive you will know what I mean.

I tried to connect a curricular content with ICT as well as I did with other cross curricular elements like Citizenship.

The thriller that I have created for introduce you my e-project has been done with Buncee, Picktochart, WeVideo and ScreenCast. As you will see, there are two videos which were filmed with a mobile camera, that’s why the quality is not the best. Almost the whole presentation has been made with Buncee, with the exception of one picture (this one which is about the Earth’s Atmosphere, Geosphere and hydrosphere) that has been created with Picktochart. This presentation was recorded with ScreenCast in order to be a video with pictures and my own voice. Finally, I joined all the videos using WeVideo.

I hope you enjoy my presentation! Here it goes!


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