A live chocotalk event!

Hi bilingual colleagues!

Did you miss our chocotalk? I guess that if you are following me on Twitter, you could see my Tweets posting before, during and after this live event! Anyway, if you couldn’t see the great chocotalk about bilingualism, here is the link to Youtube:

  • CONTENT CURATORS: @GMEstrella and @gonzaalo10 were in charge of collect all the information and everything that could happen during the development of the chocotalk.
  • SPEAKER: in this case @celiagon92 was the one who had to talk during the live event representing the rest of the group according to the ideas that we put together previously.
  • DISSEMINATES: My peer @cristinarisueno and I were in charge of spreading and commenting what was happening in youtube, through different social networks such as facebook or twitter. We all used the hashtag #chococharlas and #ictclil_urjc

Once that everyone has an assigned role, the whole group started to search information about the influence of ICT in CLIL. What we finally concluded was how games can help in a bilingual classroom for motivating students and promoting a meaningful learning.

Before going with the live chocotalk my colleague @cristinarisueno and me, as disseminates, created an ad using the tool Piktochart in order to attract people’s attention and engage them in the event. We tried to spread the information in Youtube and Twitter.


Meanwhile, our group representative, the speaker @celiagon92 was on Hangouts with the rest of other groups’ speakers (@rpeinadog, @patimasie, @nepeuspu, @lolaberralraya, @Alvaro_Gope,@teacher_inma, @GLHmaster) and our professor of ICT in the bilingual classroom @mjgsm. They spent two hours before the event arranging everything.

The chocotalk STARTED and we all were so excited for the event! It was the first time that we did an online talking, with possible viewers from around the world. The chocotalk followed a clear structure:

  1. The first topic we were dealing with were the advantages and disadvantages of CLIL: many people think that bilingualism affects negatively to the mother tongue acquisition so they feel afraid of this type of education that is offered currently in most schools. Finally, we conclude that the most appropriated way to work on bilingualism would be through cross curricular links, for instance working with projects.
  2. The second topic refers to social and emotional benefits of CLIL: This chocotalk was called “how CLIL can contribute to having happier bilingual learners” so, nothing else to say… My colleagues agreed with the importance of motivating students and making them feel confortable in order to foster language acquisition. There is a quote of my peer Rubén Peinado @rpainadog that I really love it and which made me wonder about my teaching: “We’re teaching humans, don’t forget”
  3. The third one, was related with the use of ICT in the CLIL classroom. The conclusion we all agreed was that the more important aspect of teaching in any educational context is the purpose of the tools we are using for and the students’ learning process rather than the tools itself.
  4. Finally, the speakers had to make a summary of each group’s e-project. Celia, @celiagon92 presented our project called “The Earth Adventures”. We also got to know other projects related with ICT and CLIL:
  • @patimasie told us about their project “Learning about body and senses with ICT”
  • @rpainadog introduced their collaborative project about History.
  • @teacher_inma and her mates have created a project about “European Geography”
  • @lolaberralraya presented their project called “Travelling around Europe”
  • @alvaro_gope  and @nepeuspu have created a project with their colleagues about “Neighborhood”
  • @GLHmaster  told us about their “Animals eproject”

Our content curators @GMEstrella and @gonzaalo10 have created this amazing Storyfly which allows you to see how the chocotalk event was. Check the link to see the Storyfly: https://storify.com/GMEstrellaa/the-chocotalk-event?utm_source=embed_header


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