Our Video Challenge

Hello everybody!

This time we have become both writers and film directors! We were requested to create a clip about our common e-project but first of all we had to plan what it would be about. Therefore we started to create a storyboard with our main ideas. As our topics were about the Earth we decided to create a character based on the universe. What could be better than an alien? Everybody wants to know about life from outer space! That’s how TIC was born, our main character. Can you guess why he is called TIC?

For creating our storyboard we chose the web tool Storyboardthat.com. Since we started to use the tool we were surprised how amazing the pictures look: backgrounds, characters and different shapes, which allow you to create exactly what you want. What we liked the most was the possibility to modify the position of the main character, which makes the story more real.

However, while using the tool, we have discovered that a normal account doesn’t allow you to create a board with more than six scenes. So we had to shorten the story. It was not a problem because the final clip will include the whole story.

Here you have our storyboard! Ready to meet TIC?

Made with Storyboard That

From the storyboard, we brought TIC to live! Firstly, if you want to film a movie you need to write a script so we became writers! Our clip was divided into eleven scenes in which our alien would travel through the Solar System for discovering the magic planet. TIC was dying to find it out!

Secondly, we started to film the scenes, but… We need an actor! Our main idea was using the video game LOS SIMS and taking the characters from there. But it didn’t work! So… Gonzalo @gonzaalo10 became TIC. How we did it? At the first moment we thought about using the popular SNAPCHAT application for smartphones so we would have the chance to modify the face of our actor and make if more real. However, again we failed… The app doesn’t allow use to film the video horizontally so the chroma technique didn’t work! Finally, thanks to our make-up team our great actor became the Neptunian TIC! Look at that awesome result!


Then, we were ready to record the video challenge. For this purpose we use decided to use the chroma key technique. By using Camtasia and this technique, we could substitute the green background for a picture of our choice. Regarding Camtasia, it seems quite difficult to use at rhe very beginning. However, after practicing with it for a while we discovered all its possibilities. We downloaded the free version with a free trial for 30 days. Thanks to Camtasia, we have learned how to use chroma key and how to organized the video clips, the pictures and the audios in order to get the final video. The only problem we didn´t like about this tool was the fact that, because of the free version, a watermark appeared in our video and the quality of it decreased.

Here you have some pictures about the making off. It was very hard, but funny too! We hope you enjoy our video as much as we did!



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