Piktochart tutorial

Hello bilinguals!

How is it going? This new post is going to be about Piktochart, a web tool that I have already told you in this blog. Do you remember? I created my PLE and PLN mind map, the infoedugraphic and a sign for the chocotalk event (the one with a delicious cupcake) using this tool.

As you know, this time we were requested to work in group in our ICT subject. For this challenge we are the same members as before: @celiagon92, @GMEestrellaa, @cristinarisueno, @gonzaalo10 and me.

In this new task, we have decided to make a tutorial about how to use Piktochart in order to help our students to take advantage of it. It is very useful and intuitive, so we don’t think that young learners could have any issue. We must say that we have chosen Piktochart since we claim that our children might be able to create their own graphics  successfully and they will also enjoy!

First of all, we have screencasted our computer while recording orally step by step the process to use Piktochart. We think that, in this way our pupils will be familiarised with it better. To do that, we have used the free tool called aTubeCatcher. We have found that program suitable for this task because it is very easy to use and it has all the features we were looking for. However, a disadvantage that we have found is that aTubeCatcher doesn´t allow you to edit videos. For that reason, we have used the program Moviemaker and we have also add a final image with our Twitter handles in order to give the viewers the possibility to contact us with their doubts and questions.

Don’t you know how to use Piktochart? What are you waiting for? Let’s see the tutorial!


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