World Book Week

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Hi bloggers!

What day is it today? Don’t you know? Probably, you have not received a book and a rose yet. Today, April 23rd is the World Book Day and if you live in Catalonia, it is Sant Jordi too. Today we celebrate that through reading we can travel wherever we want, we can be whoever we want and we can do whatever we want. Reading is about dreaming.

For this special date we were challenged to create something special too… Let’s see!

First of all, it was necessary to create a collage with our favorite book. For this purpose I decided to use Canva since I have never use it and my colleagues had already told me that it would be perfect for that purpose. I decided to try for the first time with this tool and I must say that I liked it. It is very intuitive and it seemed to me quite similar to Piktochart, the one with which I am familiar. Anyway, if you are not ready yet and you don’t know how to use Canva, have a look at the tutorial that my  colleagues Natalia, Celia, Patricia  and Raquel have created using Geniallyfollowing the link:

Secondly, I had to create a clip explaining what types of books I like, what my favorite book is, why I recommend it and what features define me as a reader. It took me time because I have never though about what type of reader I am, I like learning abour everything and from everything and everbody so, it would be difficult to define myself.

For creating my presentation, I decided to film myself talking about the World Book Week. I thought that in my future teacher practice, I could show the Aurasma app. to my students what would be a great chance to involve them in reading. I am sure that this 3D realia would engage them. I filmed the video using my mobilephone and I tried to make only one scene therefore, it would look more natural. For editing the video, I used MovieMaker considering that I only modifies the beginning of the clip, when the book appears, and the end of the video. I have heard that there is an app calle EMovie which allows you to create amazing videos, so it was the first idea that came to my mind, but it is only for Apple devices. While filming there were many outtakes, but finally I got it!

Thirdly, I downloaded Aurasma in my “smart”phone and I created an account. I used the same name as in my social networks (lainez_ortega) so… Let’s follow me! Do not wait more!

Then, it was time to create the Aurasma, but I didn’t know how. I though it would be more difficult but thanks to instructions of our teacher @mjgsm and the tutorial of my peers Alvaro, Neus and Marta, I did it! If you don’t know how Aurasma works, have a look at this amazing tutorial!

My AURA was ready! It you want to see what happens:

  1. Donwload Aurasma in your mobile
  2. Create an account
  3. Follow me on Aurasma (lainez_ortega)
  4. Scan the picture!
aurasma (1)

Book picture from Flickr thanks to Idreamlikecrazzy.

Definitely, I will use Aurasma in my future teaching practice! I think that if can motivate students while connecting with ICT. It allows you to see your work alive, what is a kind of pride.

We have create also a collaborative Wall of Books commemorating the World Book Day  in Pinterest . Have a look at my peers Auras and join us! We would like to know what your favorite book is! Don’t forget to try Aurasma and tell use your impressions!

Enjoy and don’t forget reading!

“Somewhere there is a book waiting for you to give your life sense”


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