Creating a rubric for an E-project

Hi bilinguals!

How is it going? This post is going to be about assessment. Maybe, when you think about it you feel afraid…Teachers are used to create rubrics by scrawling or using a table in Microsoft Word. It takes too much time and turns in a mess, moving rows and columns for fixing everything and giving a sense to the rubric. With this tool, evaluationing is going to change your view.

The tool that I have chosen for this purpose is the Quick Rubric web tool. Afer searching on Listly “Rubrics for all” created by @mjgsm I though that this one would fit better with my objectives. Anyway you can have a look at the list and try the one you like the most.

This tool was very intuitive and easy going from the very beginning, there was not necessary to see any tutorial in order to gain the concept of how it works.

First of all, you have to create an account; this is very easy, you just have to fill the gaps with your personal information (name, email, password…). Then, you will receive an email on your personal mail for verifying your account, otherwise you cannot create a rubric.

Once that you are in your board, click on “Create a rubric” and start! At the beginning, the table has three columns and four rows which can be modifies as you need. In my case, I added eight rows which correspond with every feature that I have analyzed (contents, coherence and organization, attractiveness, use of multimedia tools, innovation, interaction, dissemination and, attribution and license). I also added one more column, so that end every one corresponds to a grade (4, 3, 2, 1) according to the quality of the work. Therefore the maximum grade is 32 and the lowest 8.

This tool covered all my necessities, it was very useful and allowed me to create exactly what I wanted. With this tool you just have to think about what you are going to asses and how to grade it; the rest of the work will be done. However, what I would like to find in this tool is the option of sharing to social networks or getting the embed code in order to spread the knowledge of both tool and assessment. It would be also great if the rubric could be created collaboratively with others. What I mean is that you could make it simultaneously with your colleagues for a common work or even with your students.

If you want to see my rubric, here is the URL:

In case you cannot follow the link, try with this one:

I hope you have learnt from this post! I would be pleased if you tell me about your personal experience!

See you in the next post! 🙂 🙂


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