ePortfolio Reflection Dissemination

Hi bilinguals!

This is the last task of my journey with ICT lesson, but this is just the beginning of my relationship with new tecnologies…
For this last challenge I have created my pesentation using Genialy, but I am not so happy with this tool… I had many problems during the creation of the presentation, even for changing the color of the letters, and in the recording, (like the link to PREZI) I don’t know why, but it didn’t work properly. This was the first time that I used it, but my peers told me that they did some changes in the web, so it could be the reason. However, I like the final result and the tool allows you to modify the presentation as you want, it is also connected with Pixabay, so that you can take pictures from there beraring in mind the Creative Commons. Here you can se the presentation in Genialy

Finally, I recorded my laptop screen using Screencast-O-Matic, which worked perfectly. Yet, I must say that the audio is not so good because I have a cold, so for my it was pretty difficult to breath and speak at the same time. I’m sorry.


I really believe in the use of new technologies in the classroom. I think that the whole educational community must be aware of the changes that are happening in  the current society. As I said in my reflection, our pupils are the Digital Generation, so we must prepare them for the real world.

In my presentation I will deal with all the challenges that we have done in class; I highlight the ones that I liked the most, as Pictochart, which can be a great tool for desinging and fostering pupil’s creativity. In addition, I consider that Powtoon has many educational opportunities so we must make the most of it.

In the same way, I tolk about my favorite challenge in which we had to create a common e-project in groups with its own trailer. It was a pleasure to work with my colleagues although we had hard times, but finally we got it! Working with others is the best way to learn.


Another challenge that I really liked was the chocotalk. It was completely new for us and we were not aware of the infuence of social media on education. What I mean is that through this kind of online events, you can get in contact with people from the other part of the world, who are intersted in the same things as you and who, maybe are looking for new teaching method. This challenge made me feel proud of my profession because if we are all together, a new education is possible.

As I commented on my video reflection, I had never though how my PLN and my PLE could expand. I have developed digital skills that I did not know that they exist before. Ofcourse, it has been a pleasure.

Finally, I would like to thanks all my colleagues from the Master who has contributed with their work and has published many tools that no everybody knows. And last but not least, I would like to thank to María Jesús (@mjgsm) for bearing with us during all this period and ofcourse, for teaching us a different point of view of education.

Here you have my final reflection, I hope you like it!

See you soon!